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Emerson Automation Solutions
Final Control Sales Australia Pty Limited
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Auburn NSW 2144

Ph: +61 2 9795 2841
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Emerson Profibus International Competence and Training Centre (PITC)

Emerson offers the largest portfolios of actuation and controls products available in the market today. We have the applications experience and customization capabilities to find the optimum solution for your valve automation needs.

Emerson PICC and PITC is the first PICC and PITC in Australia, founded in 2008. Since then, Emerson PICC and PITC supported Australian industries in the region by providing technical expertise in Profibus technology and providing Profibus International Certified training.

During this time, we visited many industrial sites to commission, validate new Profibus installations, assist in designing new networks and to help troubleshoot. More than 500 electricians and engineers have attended certified Profibus trainings delivered by Emerson PICC/PITC since 2008.

  • Network Design and Verification,
  • Installation,
  • Commissioning,
  • Integration in process automation systems,
  • Training.

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