Base2 International Pty Ltd

base2 is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of communications and control hardware and software. From product inception, electronic design, mechanical design, testing, firmware and software, through to production, all engineering and manufacturing services are performed in-house.

Since 1987, base2 has undertaken the design, manufacture and software for numerous fire safety systems worldwide including Hong Kong Airport, Seoul Incheon Airport, Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi, MRT Upgrade Singapore, and the Sydney Opera House.

base2 also developed the Voice Communications System (VCS) and In-Cab Communication Equipment (ICE) used by the rail industry in Australia. The VCS integrates multiple voice and data communications systems into a single touchscreen operator console. ICE is a modular system employing multiple systems to provide voice and high speed data communications, with the added security of fallback systems to improve reliability.

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The CCU3/C-MXMB provides a third party interface to a number of MX or Profile 2 Fire Panels using either MODBUS or PROFIBUS/PROFISAFE. The GSD file for this product can be found at:

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