Real time data acquisition and monitoring directly from your PROFIBUS

The Profibus data acquisition and monitoring device ibaBM-DP from ibaOceania is used for the acquisition of real time data directly from PROFIBUS DP networks via the acquisition software, ibaPDA. The device can be connected at any point in the Profibus network and can monitor two separate PROFIBUS networks independently.

A maximum of 4060 Bytes comprising of up to 1024 analogue values (INT, DINT, REAL) + up to 1024 digital signals (BOOL) can be read out from the cyclic PROFIBUS I/O data.

Transmission rates up to 12 Mbit/s are supported and automatically detected.

Sniffer Mode:

Using the sniffer function of ibaBM-DP, PROFIBUS Input and Output data is read out from the telegrams and acquired in real time without the need to change the PLC configuration or program.

DP Slave Mode:

In DP Slave mode, ibaBM-DP represents up to 8 DP slaves. DP Slave mode can be activated in addition to Sniffer mode to acquire for example PLC internal variables.

With ibaBM-DP, the sniffer function and active slaves can be simultaneously used.

Diagnostic and bus monitoring

Inbuilt PROFIBUS diagnostic functions provide information on the health of the overall bus (e.g. cycle time, number of slaves, voltage levels) as well individual DP Slaves (Slave drop out counter, telegram counter, diagnostic request counter etc.). Diagnostic values can also be logged for long term analysis.

Redundancy mode

With the optional "Redundancy mode", ibaBM-DP can monitor and acquire data on the redundant Profibus drops of S7-400H systems, as a Sniffer as well as DP slave.


ibaBM-DP acquired data is sent to the PC based ibaPDA software via fibre optic and stored there long term analysis. Different recording profiles can be defined in ibaPDA for different applications and used simultaneously. Continuous data recording is necessary for long term analyses or process optimizations, but event based triggered recordings are useful when errors have to be located.

High speed Real time trends for Analogue as well as Digital signals can be complemented by Multimeter displays as well as Oscilloscope and FFT views. Additionally, different layouts and views can easily be created for different users.

Free Analysis included

The generated historical data is analysed flexibly according to different criteria using the free of charge included ibaAnalyzer software.

For further information on acquiring real time data directly from PROFIBUS DP networks via the acquisition software ibaPDA, contact:

Fritz Woller - ph: 02 4964 8548