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2018 Certified PROFIBUS Training Calendar

Dates: May 2018

2018 PROFIBUS Training (May)

Brisbane (PROFIBUS)
MMonday 7 May – Certified PROFIBUS Installer
Tuesday 8 May - PROFIBUS Commissioning & Maintenance
Wednesday 9 May – Certified PROFIBUS Engineer
Thursday 10 May – Certified PROFIBUS Engineer
Friday 11 May – Certified PROFIBUS Engineer

Tuesday 15 May Certified PROFIBUS Installer
Wednesday 16 May PROFIBUS Commissioning & Maintenance
Thursday 17 May Certified PROFIBUS Installer
Friday 18 May PROFIBUS Commissioning & Maintenance

Monday 21 May – Certified PROFIBUS Installer
Tuesday 22 May - PROFIBUS Commissioning & Maintenance
Wednesday 23 May – Certified PROFIBUS Engineer
Thursday 24 May – Certified PROFIBUS Engineer
Friday 25 May – Certified PROFIBUS Engineer

Melbourne (PROFIBUS)
Monday 4 June - Certified PROFIBUS Installer
Tuesday 5 June - PROFIBUS Commissioning & Maintenance
Wednesday 6 June - Certified PROFIBUS Engineer
Thursday 7 June - Certified PROFIBUS Engineer
Friday 8 June - Certified PROFIBUS Engineer

Monday 18 June – Certified PROFIBUS Installer
Tuesday 19 June November - PROFIBUS Commissioning & Maintenance
Wednesday 20 June - Certified PROFIBUS Engineer
Thursday 21 June - Certified PROFIBUS Engineer
Wednesday 22 June - Certified PROFIBUS Engineer

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Get Certified & be recognised by Profibus International

Certified Profibus Training courses conducted by Profibus Australia (PAA) and the Profibus International Competence Centre (PICC) are the only courses in Australia formally recognised by Profibus International.

Demand for Certified Profibus graduates in Process and Manufacturing industries is growing rapidly. Companies recognised the importance of hiring Certified professionals who have the skills and qualifications to take full advantage of the Profibus technology.

Upon graduation, all students receive PAA Course Certificates and have their names entered onto the PI and PAA website Honour Rolls.

Click here to visit the Australian Profibus Graduate Honour Roll

Courses include:

  • Certified PROFINET Engineer Course
  • Certified Profibus Installer Course
  • Profibus Commissioning & Maintenance Course
  • Certified Profibus Engineer Course
  • Control System Design Course

Certified PROFINET Engineer Course

The 3day Certified PROFINET Engineer course is designed for all people requiring knowledge and a technical understanding on PROFINET and its operational advantages in production and plant automation.

No formal qualification or course pre-requisites are required. Students must be familiar with Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering principles and terminology.

This is an examinable, high tech course covering theoretical and practical aspects of PROFINET relevant for designing and trouble-shooting PROFINET networks.

PROFINET Engineer begins with an overview on Ethernet plus Profibus and its relationship with PROFINET; followed by an in-depth analysis of PROFINET’s competitive advantages and most favourable applications areas.

Includes inter-active class discussions on PROFINET & Profibus cost-comparisons, PROFINET vs other Ethernet systems and instruction on available diagnostics tools.

Practical hands-on exercises include: setting up a network; start-up & watchdog time; changing names and IP addresses; configuring switches, assembling connectors testing cables, configuring a PROFINET installation and integrating a Profibus segment.

Certified Profibus Installer Course

This 1 day hands-on Certified Profibus Installer Course is an internationally-accredited one-day course covering the layout, installation and testing of Profibus DP and PA networks. Course intake is limited to 12 people per group and is suitable for all engineers and technicians involved in the planning and installation of fieldbus networks. The course focuses on Profibus and no previous knowledge of fieldbus systems is required.

Commissioning and Maintenance

The Commissioning and Maintenance course (1 day) teaches students how to use a modern Class 1 / 2 master, analyzer and oscilloscope to commission and verify devices; and to health check working networks. The Certified Profibus Installer course must be completed before undertaking this course. Commissioning and Maintenance is not a Certified Profibus course.

Certified Profibus Engineer

This Certified Profibus Engineers Course is the flagship qualification from Profibus & PROFINET International. It covers the detailed operation of Profibus networks and includes all aspects of the DP and PA protocols (DPV0 and DPV1). The Certified Profibus Installer course, and the Commissioning and Maintenance courses are pre-requisites for the Certified Profibus Engineers course.

Certified Profibus System Design

The 2.5 day Certified Profibus System Design Course shows how to design an optimized Profibus system that is reliable, maintainable, flexible for future expansion and has the minimum downtime footprint when failures inevitable occur. The System Design course takes a holistic approach to buses like AS-i Bus, I/O Bus Link, DeviceNet showing their benefits and potential pitfalls.

Small class sizes. Personalised instruction

Course Costs:

Certified PROFIBUS Installer (1 day)
$1,050.00 ex GST (Members);   $1,250.00 ex GST (Non Members)

PROFIBUS Commissioning and Maintenance (1 Day) $1,050.00 ex GST (Members);
$1,250.00 ex GST (Non Members)

Certified PROFIBUS Engineer (5 days): $5,500.00 ex GST (Members);
$6,500.00 ex GST (Non Members)

Certified PROFINET Engineer (3 days): $2,900.00 ex GST (Members);
$3,500.00 ex GST (Non-Members)

Enrolment Forms:

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Patrick van Eybergen

Secretary - Profibus Australia Association (PAA)


m: 0417 710469

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