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PROFIBUS PA book is now available

In-depth information about PROFIBUS in process industries

The latest book “PROFIBUS PA” by Christian Diedrich, Thomas Bangemann and several co-authors is now available. This book is a must read for all who need in-depth information about PROFIBUS in process industries. It is just as useful for developers of process automation devices as for planners, end-users or maintenance staff.

The introductory chapters give an overview about the fundamental functionality of process devices with PROFIBUS PA interface and the general automation principles in process engineering and especially in hybrid applications. The transmission and installation technology with special consideration of the Ex zones existing in chemical plants are treated in detail, including the MBP transmission and the FISCO concept which both play a special role in process automation with fieldbusses.

After the description of the PROFIBUS DP protocol, which is the basis of all PROFIBUS communication, the profile “PA Devices”, developed particularly for process automation, is introduced. The current amendments of the PA profile, “PROFIsafe for PA Devices”, “Condensed Status and Diagnostic Messages", based on the VDI/VDE/NAMUR/WIB 2650 guideline and "Identification and Maintenance Functions" are comprehensively considered.

Chapters for device integration, device development and interoperability testing as well as a glossary round out the contents of this book and make PROFIBUS PA an indispensable reference for experienced engineers as well as for newcomers to the field of process automation.

The 350-page publication is available from the Profibus Association of Australia New Zealand (PAANZ) for A$95.00 for PAANZ members (excluding GST) and A$110 for non-members (excluding GST).

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