PROFIBUS & PROFINET Association of Australia (PAA)

Supporting the world's leading Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet technologies in Australia.

PROFIBUS is today acknowledged as the world's most successful fieldbus communication standard with an estimated 56 million installed devices worldwide – 10.6 million of these in the process industries (2016).

Via a single bus cable, PROFIBUS links controller or control systems with decentralized field devices (sensors and actuators) on the field level and also enables consistent data exchange with higher ranking communication systems.

PROFIBUS supports fieldbus solutions both in factory and process automation as well as in motion control and safety-related tasks.

PROFINET is one of the world’s most advanced Industrial Ethernet solutions for the networking of production assets (sensors, actuators and production units) and equipment such as PLCs, DCS and enterprise IT Systems.

As a result of today’s trend in automation and data exchange, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, the current industrial environment is rapidly transforming.

Differences between a typical, traditional factory and an Industry 4.0 factory, commonly referred to as a ‘smart factory’ are significant and growing greater by the day.

Smart factories need PROFINET to control processes more intelligently and organise production more flexibly and efficiently. And most importantly, PROFINET is totally compatible with other network philosophies, so there are no barriers to open communication.

The Profibus Association of Australia (PAA) is one of 25 Regional Associations around the world representing PI, the Profibus International organization.

Certified Training and Technical Support for PROFIBUS and PROFINET end-users

Profibus Australia’s mission is to play a major role in promoting and supporting its technologies throughout the region.

PROFIBUS and PROFINET experts are brought to Australia twice a year to conduct accredited training seminars. This ensures end-users are fully certified by Profibus International and familiar with the latest developments in the technology and its application.

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CONGRATULATIONS (on making the right decision)
Attention all 2016 & 2017 Certified PROFIBUS & PROFINET Training Graduates..... the PAA congratulates you on your significant achievement.
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